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Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels Co-Founder

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How do the big moguls of the world like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson create their business empires? People fall in love with these leaders because they are unique “characters.” They are larger than life. This is essential to building a brand for yourself and your business.

One way to immortalize your own unique character is to create a story – a cartoon. The marketing gurus AdToons has worked with get it. They understand a cartoon transforms you into a superhero to your prospects and customers. A cartoon is a fun way to capture attention and keep people engaged in your marketing message.

In the video to the left we go into the psychology of why comics are used in businesses all over the globe. There is a reason why big brands like GEICO, Disney, BW3s, and many, many more use cartoons in their marketing and branding.

Isn't it time for you to use cartoons too? Or do you prefer sitting on the sidelines and watching every else grow their brands?

Client Samples

Evil Zanos Terrorizes the Earth

Russell Brunson is a huge believer in using comics to grow his $100 million company, ClickFunnels. He is one of AdToons best clients. Take a peek at the thrilling video he rolled out to his audience at several of his marketing conferences. This is one of 4 comics we have produced for him over the last few years.

The Adventures of Ecom Man...

Ecom Man was a character developed for our client Nick Fitzgerald who is a thought leader in the Amazon ecommerce space. This story starts with our hero deep in the drudgery of everyday life and the grind of bills, bills, and more bills. It’s not until he discovers Ecom man that he realizes there is a way out of the gutter and out of debt.

"The Adverntures of Ecom Man" animated AdToons comic

The Adventures of Mr Gallup

Teams don't function well if they are unbalanced and experience the 5 dysfunctions of a team.  In the corporate world, our consultant client, Lois, advises organizations on the power of the Gallup Strengths Finder tool. She works with teams to find their strengths and weaknesses, then reorganizes teams based on these findings. This animated comic generated leads on social media and other channels.

More Comic Samples


Yes, we drink our Kool-aid. This comic tells our AdToons origin story.


This story was created as a give-away for young patients and parents for this orthodontist.


This marketer used his comic to connect specifically with doctors and generates 6 figures in his practice.


This tool showed business owners a unique way to generate 30 leads in 30 days online with these three superhero characters.

Affiliate Marketing

ClickFunnels has a unique way to connect with their affiliates and promote who their top affiliates are.

Martial Arts

 MMA gyms are perfect for comics and because they connect with youngsters and help you separate yourself from the competition.


This is a comic that promoted a business in a dynamic way that no other MLM company is doing.


Showing this young group of entrepreneurs how to run profitable ecommerce businesses and all the benefits of doing so: fast cars, pretty girls, and being flush with cash.

We do all the heavy lifting to help you create a winning comic
This is the 7-step process for creating your highly engaging business comic...

1. Drafting the script and polishing it with a professional copywriter
2. Creating a rough storyboard – matching pictures to words
3. Inking detailed black and white images of the storyboard
4. Adding vibrant color throughout the comic
5. Dropping in vector text and design elements
6. Finishing the final vector art PDF
7. Emailing your webmaster to upload it to your website or send to your prospects and customers.
(7 – part 2. Getting a quote from one of our printers, if you want a hard copy of your comic. Yes, your very own comic book!)

Storyboard Sample

At this level, we've carefully crafted the story with the script. Next, we want to capture the visual imagery that will support the story. 

Varying panels are drawn in to make the biggest impact in a comic format. Since these are rough images, sometimes the material can change depending on what the "finish artist" decides and your feedback.

Inking & color sample

Characters and scenes are refined in this next stage. A Disney-level artist inks each panel and scene with care to bring the story to life.

Once the piece has been "inked," we add vibrant color to bring the piece to life.

Complete Final Design
After everything is colored, we add text bubbles and narration. Logos are added in to personalize your story even more.

Once we have the “camera-ready” art, we send it to the printer and in a few weeks, you receive your high gloss comic ready to market your business. We also provide you with the PDF copy to use as a downloadable FREE giveaway to build your audience. 

AdToons Print Newsletters

Along with AdToons Comics, we also produce AdToons Newsletters. These are easily digestible, fun, and engaging print newsletters to build readership and your audience. Smart marketers mail hard-copy newsletters to a client list to stay top of mind.
But isn't everyone online? So going snail mail is the perfect way to differentiate yourself even more from your competitors. We are a one-stop-shop – providing the written content, illustrations, and layout for the entire document. The deliverable is a camera-ready PDF ready to be sent to the printer.
Our History

Vince (and his large pencil) on stage speaking about the power of AdToons videos
In 2005, AdToons was born.
At the time, it was the only ad agency that focused exclusively on cartoon ads. AdToons' client base ranges from small business owners all the way up to NASDAQ.

The Godfather of Cartoon Marketing, Vince Palko.

Vince is the founder of AdToons, a business he started in his basement with a vision of sparking a cartoon marketing revolution. Vince wrote The Art of Selling Using Cartoons in 2006. Today, Vince speaks to thousands of people about the power of AdToons to generate millions of dollars for businesses by using cool and unusual cartoon marketing techniques that result in higher conversion rates compared to traditional marketing videos.
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